spring break, day 2

Yesterday Alex returned on Spring Break, Day 2 and we took our two children (I mean those who are at home with us) for a hike and an old-fashioned picnic. You've seen this place in my photos before, but it's been a while since we visited Mt. Bonnell overlooking the Colorado River. During our sophisticated dinner of baguette, cheese, fruit (and wine for the adults), Catcher commented that he didn't realize there were "so many trees down there" as we gazed upon downtown Austin [pictured above with a blimp floating overhead]. This led me into a philosophical--at least in my mind--discussion about seeing things from a different perspective; I told him to go ahead and stand on the table Dead Poets Society style and say "Oh Captain, My Captain." I think he was inspired. And then he spent the rest of the hike back down the mountain photo-bombing Alex and Tillie.

*No children were actually tossed into the bushes during the photographing of this outing.

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