saturday, part one

Yes. We are all busy (except young professionals without any kids--you can't call yourselves busy); however, yesterday felt particularly busy for me. Perhaps it was being on my own with the three children and an 8:00am soccer game, 9:00am lacrosse game and 11:00am Easter egg hunt/picnic at the Capitol with our church. Because I had been building up this "Saturday is going to be a really busy day" thing for whole week, the children adjusted surprisingly well to our morning blitzkrieg. It was only when we found ourselves driving around downtown Austin for 40 minutes searching for a parking place--all the while putting our egg hunt in jeopardy--that the wee ones almost lost it. But that story belongs to Saturday, part three.

Before that, there was this: a dewy, 8:00am soccer game where the children claimed they were "freezing" (it was 55 degrees) and Catcher broke down in tears because his shoes were wet. Scout was in the game the entire first half since we had to split at halftime, and she managed to score her team's only three goals (#mombrag) during her 15 minutes of playing time. We had a late start because the goals weren't up and the fields weren't lined prior to the start of the game, so a few soccer dads had to step up and get things in order.

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