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When you live in this city (and don't leave it during the week of spring break) you have to do something South By Southwest--or "South By" as the locals call it--related. And preferably that something is free because why should the locals pay?

Yesterday we struck out on our first try at a free event. Local radio station KGSR hosts free concerts at the W Hotel starting at 6am during the week of South By, and we totally missed the boat when we showed up with our two children around 8:30. In our defense, last year Alex and I took the girls while Catcher was having the time of his life in Houston, and we had no trouble getting into the event. After being denied this year, however, it seems that we somehow lucked out last time by entering through the VIP entrance without being stopped by a radio station representative brandishing a clipboard. Everything worked out okay in the end, though, because we rode the bus downtown. And what child doesn't love riding the city bus? It was the highlight of the day (and probably the year, to be honest).

Today fared much better for the Wheat clan. Alex was absent (he has an assignment in Durham, NC), but we managed to find our way--alerted by other locals, I'm not that cool--to a free event serving bloody marys and breakfast tacos at 10am. I had just finished up a five mile run around the lake when I got the text from my friend, so I was totally down for hanging out with a bunch of white people jamming out to hip hop. Catcher the introvert even clapped along and timidly swayed his hips as the band chanted something or other about "booty sweat."

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