ninja school

We aren't used to this "trapped indoors all day" weather around here. Scout's soccer game yesterday was cancelled; Catcher's lacrosse game today was cancelled. Although our friends suffering under the real arctic blasts of this winter would scoff at us being such wusses, we've got the cabin fever. The weather, by the way, has been approximately 36 degrees with a constant drizzle the past two--or possibly three, I've lost count--days. I know it doesn't compete with all those sub-zero temperatures and blizzards going on around the country, but 36 degrees is about 32 degrees below our average highs this time of year. So it all evens out.

This afternoon I was all out of my tricks for how to keep these crazies entertained, so they came up with a game of their own: Ninja School. It took place on the sofa and involved innovative wrestling moves, but there were more laughs than tears (until Scout fell off the sofa and bonked her head...but that's another story).

Tillie didn't enroll in Ninja School, but when she discovered the land of lawlessness taking over the house, she took the opportunity to run a few laps back and forth on the sofa.

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