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I hesitate to tell you exactly where we stayed on our ten-year anniversary trip to Mexico because I fear that this off-the-beaten-path--in the true sense of the phrase, we had to drive two miles down a dirt road after driving almost two hours from Cabo San Lucas (at which point Alex asked "Where are you taking me?")--boutique resort will be spoiled. However, if I had never read about it, then I would never have experienced this amazing vacation. Thus, with a sigh of regret, I give you the Rancho Pescadero.

Fear not--or perhaps you should fear--this is just the first installment of my vacation series (remember when I went on and on about Disney World?). So let's start at the very beginning with the resort itself and the view from our room. Drifting off to sleep and waking to the sound of the waves pounding the surf was paradise. I was in such a Zenned-out state of mind that I even (willfully!) participated in yoga one morning. And I loved it!

Morning views 1, 2 and 3 from our room (above).

Alex being Alex.

The yoga pavilion (conveniently located steps from our suite).

That's our place on top. You could find me in the swing on the right when not walking on the beach, lounging by the pool with one of Danny's (fabulous bartender) delicious concoctions in my hand or stuffing my face with Rodrigo's (executive chef) delights in the Garden Restaurant.

Beachside palapa near the site of our bonfire dinner on the beach (how romantic!).

Afternoon view from the room (taken from my favorite spot on the swing).

I love a bed with a colorful mosquito net.

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