the last day of the year

After all the excitement of Christmas and 65-degree winter afternoons, yesterday we got a taste of the quiet life as a cold front hovered over Austin on the last day of the year. We spent most of the day inside our own house and most of the night--all of the kids lasted until the clock struck 12--at our friends' celebrating 2015. While we were counting down the hours until we could count down the minutes (then seconds) to the new year, we played with Legos, made funny faces in front of the tree and tried our hand at an 850-piece puzzle.

It was an awesomely quiet day followed by a morning miracle. The children--all the children--slept in past 9:00am! That, my friends, is a Wheat family first and a beautiful way to start 2015. I was on such a sleep-in high that I agreed to donuts for breakfast and didn't even mind that the three munchkins devoured a dozen.

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