surf camp, part 2

When Alex and I stumbled across surf camp #1 we actually thought we were headed in the direction of Playa Cerritos, a well-know surfing spot just a few kilometers south of where we stayed in Pescadero. When I realized we had jogged north and Playa Cerritos was south, we took an afternoon detour and ended up at the right spot. On this funky beach we saw not only surfers but a few horses and two random massage tables under a tent. There were also guys walking up and down the beach trying to sell shiny trinkets, but we saved our pesos for overpriced pina coladas while watching the action.

P.S. If you're tired of pictures of tiny people in the ocean, skip the rest of this post; however, I do recommend that you check out all the photos. The last surfing action shot that I got was pretty cool.

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