pie in the sky

Can you guess what kind of pie this is by looking at the picture? If you were here and could taste it, I would pose this question to you: what kind of pie are you eating? Odds are you would say apple pie, and you would be 100% wrong. It's a Ritz cracker pie. But it tastes just like an apple pie (actually, exactly like the McDonald's apple pie, in my opinion). But what does any of this mean? Here's how I arrived at baking a Ritz pie...

In addition to nagging our siblings and running wild around the house, winter break also meant working on our science fair project for a certain first grader at Lee Elementary. Catcher checked out this really cool kid science book--hear the dorkiness in my voice?--from the library right before break. After studying it for three consecutive nights, he finally zeroed in on this little cooking experiment that he could conduct on his sisters. By combining Ritz crackers, cinnamon, water, fresh lemon juice, cream of tarter and butter in a pie shell, he could trick the girls into thinking they were eating apple pie. It was a top secret affair--no one was allowed in the kitchen during the baking process--and it totally worked! Don't tell anyone how it turns out, though, the science fair hasn't happened yet.

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