sleepy surfer city

The charming town of Todos Santos was located just 15 miles up the road from our resort in Mexico. I first read about the town in the book Gypset Travel, and then again in the New York Times Magazine, which solidified my obsession with it and made it a must-see on our trip. It was exactly what you would expect of a surfer town--artsy, laid-back, friendly. And we did what most tourists do--drank, shopped, relaxed. Despite the photo suggesting otherwise, Alex did not bring home the Green Bay Packer Poncho.

Although everyone says you must have a meal at Cafe Santa Fe (an Italian restaurant in Mexico) while visiting Todos Santos, we opted for the more casual Miguel's Chile Rellenos. Miguel is featured in Gypset Travel, so I felt like I was being served by a celebrity when he brought our margaritas to the table. He was totally cool as I expected him to be, and his drinks were no-frills and stiff. His food was also no-frills and delicious, and the surf boards suspended above our heads reminded us we weren't just eating Mexican in landlocked Austin...

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