party like it's 2015

We are now on day three of cold, rainy Austin, and the novelty of staying inside and playing indoors has worn off. The girls busied themselves this morning with a dance party--Scout referred to it as a "Zuko" (who knows?)--set to the tune of 90s rump shakers (music: my choice). There was a lot of spinning and surprisingly little falling down dizzy and/or bumping into furniture or expensive electronics (i.e. the big TV). When Catcher discovered how much fun the girls were having, he tore himself away from his book and hopped off the couch to terrorize his sisters.

Tug-of-war ensued followed by a wrestling match and hysterical cries interspersed with bouts of laughter. Were they playing? Were they hurting each other? It's hard to tell. That must be the mystery of the Zuko.

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