surf camp

This is my penultimate vacation post. Soon enough you'll be free from the reigns of my Mexico photos and back to looking at pictures of my children every day. Below are surf photos, part one. I wasn't joking when I said I took 200 pictures. I've edited, but it's still too overwhelming for just one post.

This is a surf camp that Alex and I discovered when we took off on a grueling run down the beach. I was feeling very ambitious and suggested we go for a five-mile run along the sandy dunes. Just one mile from our home base at Rancho Pescadero, however, I was huffing it--must have been the margaritas from the night before--and sweating buckets as we descended upon a little surfer's hideaway. Our discovery turned into a great excuse to abandon our run and stroll back to the resort to fetch my camera. I mean, we were on vacation--who ever heard of a five-mile run on vacation (professional athletes not withstanding)?

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