lego wars

There are times when Legos are the greatest toy ever invented. Like the time(s) that they kept 4 year-old, 5 year-old and 6 year-old Catcher occupied for hours on end. And then there are times when Legos are your worst enemy. Like the time(s) you step on one barefooted while vacuuming. Or the time(s) you're looking for that one (tiny!) piece without which you can't move past step 5 (of 88!).

Today the Legos caused an ever greater source of controversy in our house when Catcher wanted to make something with Scout's Legos, and a small misunderstanding followed by a large misunderstanding turned into fisticuffs. My only choice was to confiscate the Legos for the afternoon. With that extreme move I was labeled "the worst mom in the whole world," but I'm pretty sure I'm not. Besides, I brought the Legos back downstairs before bedtime and told everyone they could start with a clean slate tomorrow. Of course I'm sure tomorrow the Legos will be meaningless and those two will argue over Catcher's double-sided light saber.

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