the house the wheats built

The children go crazy for building gingerbread houses. Of course we all know the reason is not that any one of them aspires to be the next I.M. Pei or Phillip Johnson. They just want to lick the icing and sneak--although they do a terrible job of sneaking--bits of candy. I'm glad that Americans spent $6.9 billion (that isn't a typo, I found the number from Forbes here) on Halloween last year because that means Williams Sonoma has reason to create a haunted gingerbread house kit that my kids can decorate without waiting a long two months for the Christmas version. It also gives me a chance to work on my piping skills. I don't think we'll be ready to show off our artistry at the Four Seasons holiday showcase this year, but it kept us busy for an hour this afternoon. The only drawback is that I'll have to listen to the kids squawking "Can we eat the haunted house? When can we eat the haunted house? I just want a taste." for the next three weeks.

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