don't touch my nut butter

Alex was in Hawaii last week. As I was taking the children to get flu shots and dealing with an extraordinarily grumpy, feverish Tillie and a bossy Catcher with a rained-out soccer game (no problems to speak of from Scout), Alex was running on the beach at sunrise and drinking Mai Thais by sunset--at least that's how I imagined it. All was forgotten, however, when he showed up with the one thing that I specifically requested return with him from the tropical isles: macadamia nut butter. The challenge was not impossible considering Hawaii is the land of macadamia nuts, but sometimes husbands get the instructions wrong. For example, I'm grateful he texted "Macadamia Nut Oil?" from the Island Naturals store--the third store on his butter hunt, he reminds me--in Kona so I could respond "Butter. Macadamia Nut Butter" and avoid a potential crisis. We're approaching our ten-year anniversary, so his training is still underway (winky face).

But back to the butter...this stuff is phenomenal. It tastes amazing on anything. And by anything, I mean straight out of the jar and on the fresh baguette I smeared it all over for lunch today. I ate the whole baguette and almost 12 oz. of nut butter. I'm trying to savor this $15 jar of pure deliciousness, but that's pretty impossible. I gave Alex the evil eye when he dipped into it this afternoon. I know he had to smuggle it past TSA--just kidding, he checked his bag--but sometimes I become possessive of such things. Besides, it's the least he could do after touring volcanoes and sitting around on the beach drinking Mai Thais all week.

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