grunge worthy

This week Catcher's school celebrated its 75th anniversary, which is kind of a big deal in a "young" town like Austin (young compared to those "old" towns on the East Coast where I grew up). There were festivities throughout the week and a big party last night complete with food trucks and live music in true Austin fashion. Today marked the end of the week-long celebration, where each grade was asked to dress in the style of their assigned decade. First grade got the 90s, so obviously I was thrilled. I can do the 90s; I lived the 90s.

My first instinct was to go grunge, but instead of going totally grungy-grunge with Catcher's look, I wanted to inject a little of that Zack Morris preppy style. Thus, we--meaning I--opted for a bright tee shirt tucked and rolled in the style of the Bayside hottie or those other California boys from 90210. He wouldn't let me style his hair, but I did sneak in a couple of glamour shots before he went running back inside the house.

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