never go to bed angry

One of those sage pieces of advice that old married people offer--usually unsolicited--to young married people just beginning their journey is "never go to bed angry." I totally support that theory in a romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts sort-of-way. But in real life I'm not very romantic and understand that sometimes one must go to bed angry...and hopefully wake-up with a fresh perspective. Although these "words of wisdom" are most often dealt to couples, it turns out that you can use (or not use, as the case may be) them on children as well.

The other night Catcher was extremely tired (but don't tell him!) and in a particularly snarky mood at five past bedtime. His pillow was lumpy; his Lego character was missing a helmet; his Stuffie was stupid; life was not fair. My brain went dead, as is often one's best option in these situations, and I simply pointed to his bedroom and told him to get in bed. By not engaging in a chess match of six year-old neuroses, I irked Catcher even more (obviously). He stormed out of his room--after storming into his room--carrying his pillow and slung it down on the living room floor. I'm sure this would have caused a greater commotion if it hadn't, in fact, been a soft pillow that he tossed onto the floor. He then stuck out his bottom lip, hunched his shoulders, grabbed two pillows from the sofa and marched back in to his room. After that I didn't hear another word (except maybe a few murmurs about things being unfair). When I peeked in on him an hour later, I discovered a young man who had gone to bed angry:

P.S. They're so sweet when they're sleeping, right? Even with their arms crossed and pouting.

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