road rash

It was a perfect Austin morning: 62 degrees, sunny, zero humidity. I was running while listening to an NPR podcast on my new iPhone (I imagine hipsters running to NPR podcasts) and feeling generally great about life...until I ate shit. Right there in the middle of the trail, running uphill at exactly the two-mile mark of my four-mile run (I know this because the MapMyRun lady was rattling off my split time as I was going down). I don't know what I tripped on or over but the first thing I checked was that my phone was okay (I do have my priorities--there wasn't a scratch, by the way)*. Then I saw my mangled leg(s) and was annoyed that I couldn't finish my run. It was a beautiful morning, after all...and I still had 20 minutes to go in the Podcast.

*In my defense, I haven't had a new phone in 3 1/2 years. I know this is a first-world problem and I probably sound like a spoiled brat even pointing it out, but it's the truth.

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