this was in my hair...

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This afternoon I took the trash out and walked right into a spider web. This is the spider that I found crawling in my hair (IN MY HAIR!). I think he--or probably more accurately she--was more scared than I was, but...no, maybe not. I was pretty freaked out. It looks all cute and happy-faced here, but I was convinced this spider was 1) poisonous 2) had bitten me and 3) left fragments of web and half-eaten flies throughout my tangled mess of a wig. Luckily I was wrong on all accounts. After I Googled "yellow and black spiky spider," this is what I discovered. Its name is was too complicated to pronounce for the non-entomologist community, but they also call it a crab spider. Thank you, crab spider, for being cute when I thought you were a menace.

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