you might change your mind

It may not be pretty to look at, but the muddy green color of my new invention--the chocolate avocado milkshake!--is a mere cosmetic hiccup. Once you take a sip of this deliciousness (if I can brag for a moment) you won't care that it's the color of sickly, ghastly ghoul. I was so pleased with myself after whipping up this scrumptious concoction that I sent Scout upstairs with her shake to give Alex a taste while working in his "home office." Tell him "it will change your life," I instructed her. Somehow "it will change your life" turned into "you might change your mind" when Scout delivered my message, so Alex's initial reaction to my groundbreaking invention, which I understand I probably didn't invent, was a bit lukewarm (in my opinion). But he quickly realized how amazing the smoothie truly was--or else he just humored me--and eagerly polished off Tillie's when she declared herself "full of avocado milkshake."

I know you're dying for the recipe (at least I hope I hyped it up enough that you would be), so here's what I threw together. Please note: when making smoothies and such, I'm not really one for measuring, so this is an approximation of my work...feel free to tweak to your desire:

1/2 ripe avocado
1/2 ripe (but not too ripe) banana
1 T-ish cocoa powder
1 T-ish agave nectar
6-8 ice cubes
pinch of kosher salt
a little milk (maybe a 1/4 cup, maybe a little less?) and then a little more milk to thin it out a bit *I used milk from grass-fed cows, and I think that probably makes a difference in the taste, but maybe that's just the Austin hippie growing inside of me...

Blend everything together (in a blender, obviously) and then enjoy your luscious pea green shake.

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