back on the field

Presenting the Belgian Turtle Snakes:

This year Catcher enters the world of U7 soccer, which means the field is a little bit bigger (and the uniform, too, apparently). Alex was in town this Saturday, so the whole family went out to cheer for the Belgian Turtle Snakes in their inaugural game of the season. Alex is also co-coaching this year, so see if you can spot him running drills in one of the photos above (hint: he's in the goal).

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has a two year-old that our two year-old was over the game by the time her snack ran out five minutes in. She scrambled out on the field to cry to her dad about the snack injustice (i.e. she and Scout had eaten all the snacks) and was almost clobbered by a pack of six year-olds chasing after the ball. She was a loose cannon at this point, but we mollified the situation by promising lunch out after the game with friends. Does that count as bribing? Even so, her anger was quelled (after the photo below was taken) and we were able to enjoy a nice meal at our local coffee shop (they have "real" food, too).

Oh yeah...and Scout hopped around like a bunny on stage while we waited for our food.

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