20th century talk

I've never received a more utterly mystified look from these three clowns than when I innocently asked them at dinner tonight if they were talking about the movie that I had taped for them. Catcher looked at me like I had six heads and started cracking up while repeating "Taped for us? Taped? You taped a movie? Whaaaaaaaat?" That's right; they've never heard of a VCR and the subsequent "taping" of movies. When I began explaining a VHS tape, I first compared it to a cassette tape. It was like talking to aliens. They were all looking at me with these gaga take-me-to-your-leader sort of eyes. I then figured out that instead of saying "oversized cassette tape," it would make more sense to these foreigners to explain a VHS tape as the size of one of the Harry Potter books (sort of). But then everything got lost in translation as Scout began imagining book-like things recording movies from the television. And these so-called "tapes" would then have to be stored on...a bookshelf? Oh well...whatever...nevermind. Enjoy your iPads, kids (wink!).

P.S. Take another look at these guys. How am I the crazy one in this story?

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