after the storm

This morning Tillie put on her rain boots and went searching for puddles left in the wake of last night's raucous thunderstorm. The picture above illustrates the best we could find; I guess the thirsty Austin earth drank up the rest. But back to the storm...

Somewhere in the wee hours of this morning, rain began hammering our roof--I couldn't miss it since our bedroom is the attic, more or less--and lightning electrified the children's bedrooms. Seriously. It was like there was a rave going on the girls' room with pulsating strobe lights. I know this because I crept downstairs several times during the storm thinking 1) the kids must be awake (they weren't) and 2) the power must be out (it wasn't) and 3) the house is going to split in half (it didn't). Sometime in the middle of all this madness Alex's phone went off to warn us of flash flooding in the area. Thank you, iPhone, for the very alarming distress signal that snapped me back to life after I had just drifted off to sleep. I wasn't planning on driving anywhere during the storm at 2:00am, but at least I was aware of the threat. And as long as I was awake, I could revisit the first floor to make sure there was no water creeping in under the front door (there wasn't).

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