mmm...butter coffee...

The butter, aka bulletproof, coffee sensation is sweeping the nation, and I am enthusiastically riding that train. Today was the first day of fall. It was a cool (honestly!), breezy Austin morning and Alex was on his way out of town for the week. All of these were signs that we must stop and enjoy each other's company over a steaming cup of butter coffee (iced is awesome, too, for those unbearably hot Texas mornings).

On an unrelated manner, Scout is Alex's personal jewelry-maker. That girl loves stringing some beads together and bestowing the fruits of her labor upon her father. The necklace he's wearing above is one of her more subdued styles. The other day she came home with a necklace of plastic faceted crystal jewels and dainty hearts in a choker style. It was pretty adorable; Alex wore it with pride until the string snapped.

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