an army of 100

We had a very eventful uneventful day today. After Catcher's 9:30 soccer game I was feeling very festive--it must be the recent chill in the morning air--so we stopped in the children's consignment store to find Halloween costumes for the wee ones (I will not pay retail for costumes). Everyone was able to choose one's own getup this year since I've given up on the whole family "theme" thing. This year we have all the major kid interests--Star Wars, Disney Princess, Fairy Thing--represented. I'm sure at least one of those costumes will be destroyed by Halloween (I'm not naming any names), but we'll save that suspense for another day. Back to this day...

After we got home and the kids ate lunch and I started a load of laundry, our uneventful rhythm was disrupted when Tillie discovered the water in the toilet wouldn't go down after flushing. It's a very long and boring story (unless you're really in to plumbing or want to hear about the time I was plunging until sweating bullets), but basically our toilet has been acting psycho for two weeks now. We've had two plumbers and one new toilet and there's still an issue. (We only have one bathroom, which means one toilet for five people, in the house.) So we spent the rest of the afternoon waiting for the City of Austin (not their problem, they said after inspection) and then the plumber again to resolve the issue. In the meantime, we had to put our exciting trip to the library on hold, but it turned out to be a surprisingly low-key afternoon thanks to the $1 I spent earlier at the consignment store for a bag of little green army men. These plastic fighters kept Catcher busy all afternoon; best dollar I ever spent.

In case you're wondering, or you're like me and would like a resolution to the potty story, the problem with the toilet is in the pipes. But it's now functioning enough to get us through the weekend. We hope.

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