what's in a name

When I started this blog I was a working mother with [only] one child and another on the way. Alex and I were trying to sell our house in Charlotte, NC and I imagined that this blog would chronicle the ups and downs of that process. In addition I had a vision in my head that, after the sale, we would purchase a fixer-upper and turn it into the home of our dreams. Redoing a fixer-upper is what inspired the "shack" portion of this blog's name, and sassy comes from me fancying myself a bit sassy. Thus you have the birth of sassyshack.

Since May of 2010 my life has changed. For starters, I now have three children and I'm no longer working (at least not in the conventional sense). We've also moved 1700 miles and don't own a home of our own. Our apartment is bigger than our house in Charlotte, but parking on the second level of a dark garage isn't the best trade off. Yet life in Austin far outshines living in North--almost South--Carolina. Which brings me back to my point that life has changed, and so the focus of my blog has changed. It's taken me a while to reach, or rather admit, this point but I'm writing more about my day-to-day life as a mom because that's what I know. Maybe my trips to the Coffee Bean aren't entertaining, but forgetting to lock my daughter in her car seat and finding her standing on the console beside me is. Because we all make mistakes, and we can find solace--or more importantly, humor--in knowing that we aren't the only ones. It's okay to drink champagne in the hospital following your delivery and it's okay to tell your three year-old the parking garage monster is going to get you if you don't get in the car.

I guess for now I'm just a mom blogger, but I hope I'm not just another mom blogger. Stay tuned.

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