Next Wednesday the Wheats' episode of My First Sale is finally airing. This time it's for real. Or maybe. That's what we've been told. If you want a sneak peek, check the video I posted here. After watching the DVD again (Alex made me do it this time) I take back the part that it's the worst episode of the show ever. The content may be boring, but at least we're cute. That's cute compared to your average HGTV couple, not your average Hollywood couple. 

Although I promised not to blog about the show during the filming of the show, I feel like the statute of limitations has run out on that deal, so here are a couple of things they don't tell you:

- We were with our first realtor for 18 months and the house never sold.
- We did take some of her advice--granite counter tops, anyone?--but I don't think putting out a bowl of fruit in your kitchen is going to sell your home.
- The first day of shooting lasted about 12 hours, and it felt like the longest day of my life. I think labor was more enjoyable. [Remember, this was all my idea].
- There were entire days worth of shoots that never made it into the show.
-The "comp" house that we go to check out in the show was in a sketchy neighborhood. Seriously, I would have been afraid to unload my groceries after sunset on that street. But they have a nice backyard.
- Our second realtor sold the house in 3 months and worked some incredible magic to make the deal go through as we were driving from Charlotte to Austin.

I did learn a couple things from this whole experience, though. Like the next time I'm on TV I want to be totally in charge (i.e. hosting my own decorating show). But before that I need to work on this weird southern draw that sometimes comes out when I'm on camera.

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