coffee break

I love it when you rediscover something you had forgotten. Like when you find a five dollar bill tucked away in the back pocket of your favorite jeans. Today, post walk around the lake with the girls and pre-morning coffee, I was struggling between my two best options for instant caffeine satisfaction. One choice (Coffee Bean) involved parking, unbuckling Scout from her car seat and lugging her along with Tillie in her car seat inside to order a small black coffee. The other way to go (Starbucks) offered a drive-thru that happens to be on my way home. The only problem with choice B is that I'm currently on an anti-Starbucks kick. I don't know why; they just annoy me. And then I remembered something...

The local burger joint P. Terry's serves organic coffee from (our neighbor) Ruta Maya. Even better? A small coffee at P. Terry's is $.75 less than the same coffee at Ruta Maya, and P. Terry's is a drive-thru. This little discovery is more exciting than a random five dollar bill; it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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