This is Scout. She'll be two in July. She loves stickers. I think one of the reasons she loves them is because she can actually say the word "sticker" (and be understood). Either way she loves putting stickers on her belly and lifting up her shirt, saying "Ah...sticker!" "Ah sticker" can also be confused with another one of her favorite phrases, which is "Ah...stinker!" Use your imagination to figure out when she uses that one. Other favorite words/phrases of Scout's include: all aboard, say that, stool, I that, sock, snack, I snack, eat, Tillie, go go go, and uh-uh.

Of course most of these words don't actually sound like these words, but if you hang out with a 20-month old long enough, you start to understand her language. And then you start to use her language. And then it becomes an inside joke between you and your husband. And then you can't remember when you first started saying "pone" instead of "phone" or "fremote" for "remote," but at least you're entertained.

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