pajama day

Today was pajama day at Catcher's school, so I kept the trend going this afternoon when he got home. I had a busy morning (without coffee!) so I was happy to stay home and chill...if you can call watching three kids "chilling."

Catcher's been asking a lot about mixing colors (what do purple and orange make?) lately, so we decided painting would be a good activity. I even found an unopened canvas in Catcher's closet from a project that was in my head but never made it out, so I told him to go crazy and create a masterpiece. "What's a masterpiece?" he asked.

The artist at work half-singing, half-humming My Favorite Things.

Get a look at that grip on the paintbrush.

Scout wanted in, so she pulled her chair--which she calls a stool--over to the counter for a closer look.

When I caught her hand in the activity box she made a run for it.

The finished product. Apparently the right side has something to do with "the blue coming in to fight the bad guys," but I got lost in that train of thought.

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