i love austin in the springtime

Seriously. Is there anything better than sunny, breezy (non-humid) 75-degree afternoons? I guess this is why we love Austin and why we put up with the hot hot hot summers.

Our latest (new) outdoor adventure was exploring Laguna Gloria along the shores of Lake Austin. [Side note: I've already decided that one of the girls has to get married here. When I told Alex he said, "You're talking about one of our girls, right? The ones that are 18 months and 4 weeks...just making sure." I always said I wouldn't be one of those moms, but I'm really good at planning weddings.]

Unfortunately my pictures don't really do the grounds justice, but it is another reason to love Austin.

Scout: strike a pose

Throwing rocks in the water

Photo by Catcher 
(I was going to crop myself out, but I complain that I never have pictures of myself with the kids).

Another one by Catcher (for real!)

Looking into an old-fashioned wishing well

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