welcome to the art show

Here's the good thing about going to a real exhibition in a real gallery where some of your daughter's work is on display: a feeling of pride and joy that can only come from seeing your offspring in the limelight (albeit a small, dim limelight).  But here's the bad thing: three young children as companions who decide--after pillaging the snack table--to break into fisticuffs over who gets the next turn on the marble run (a marble run that was the class project of aforementioned daughter, by the way). That's what happened to us at the Dougherty Arts Center today. 

The whole family attended the closing reception for the "In My Neighborhood" exhibit where two of Scout's Explore Arts class projects were on display along with other work from Dougherty Arts School students. Everything was strawberries and donut holes until the tide turned and our three little angels couldn't compromise on who got the next turn on the marble run. (The photos below, incidentally, were taken before the big brawl). So instead of leaving the exhibit with smiles and praises and a grand sense of accomplishment, we left with three--that's right, all three--crying children. Ah, parenting...at least I was able to snap a few shots of the other work on display before we dragged them out kicking and screaming.

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