nerd alert

Today I got to do something I normally don't during the daylight hours...read. Last weekend, in preparation for our 20-hour car drive to the Northern Country (i.e. Wisconsin), I took these little bookworms to Recycled Reads--the Austin Public Library bookstore. The store sells books that have been "retired" from the public library system along with donations from the community. All hardbacks are $2, paperbacks $1 and children's books are a mere $.50 (hardbacks included!). The nerd and hippie in me finds the whole idea fascinating, and I grabbed a few books of my own during our outing.

This week I've been able to get an early start on my "vacation reading" while Catcher is in camp and the girls are napping (or playing in their room, pretending to nap). The downside of having this free time in the afternoon, however, is that I've already finished my first book. I suppose another trip to Recycled Reads is in order before we load up the Buick and head out of town on Monday.

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