mom camp, day 2

Who would have guessed that yesterday, the first day of Mom Camp, there would be scattered thunderstorms in Austin threatening our afternoon of outdoor fun? It was Catcher's day to pick the activity, so he scratched Amy's Ice Creams and voted for the Thinkery (a.k.a. the children's museum) instead. It turned out to be a decent start to our camp week because everyone actually listened to me when it was time to go for the first time ever! I think the listening had something to do with the fact that the museum itself was closing, and the employees were shuffling everyone out the doors...but still.

Today it was Tillie's turn to pick the activity. She has less patience than Scout, as Catcher explained it to me, so that's why she went next. This morning she said she wanted to go on a water slide, so I made it my mission to find a toddler-sized water slide in Austin. As luck would have it, the East Communities YMCA has not only a water slide for toddlers, but also a giant pirate ship and two water slides for the bigger kids. Admission is free since we're Y members, so this Mom Camp adventure was a no-brainer. As a bonus I got to take mug shots of the girls dripping wet in their towels.

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