the faces of tired (and catcher)

It was the fourth day of Mom Camp, and the littlest two of the little three were hanging on by an eyelash at Deep Eddy Pool this afternoon. I have to admire the grit of those girls, though--they have both been battling colds all week, and we stayed over at a friend's house until 10:00pm last night (wild ones in tow). Yet they were still up for another Mom Camp adventure.

It was Scout's turn to pick. She changed her mind four times this morning before we even made it through breakfast, but she finally settled on Deep Eddy (albeit through a little persuasion on my end). When we arrived the crowd was manageable and the water was freezing! The kids didn't mind, of course, but I hung back with just my toes in the shallow end. After two hours of splashing, the ladies were spent. Following a mandatory pool break issued by the lifeguards, the girls' words were saying they wanted to get back in the water, but their actions--the wining, the rolling around on the grass, the fussing over the towel not being laid out perfectly--were saying we better get the heck out of dodge before we had a "situation" on our hands. Unfortunately, I think I escalated "the situation" by dragging things out a few minutes to "capture the moment." On the other hand, I guess it's okay that I had to leave with two screaming girls trailing behind me because otherwise you wouldn't have seen the look on Scout's face when she threw herself down on the stairs and threw her towel at me.

Catcher had a great time, though. He sported (and modeled for us) his new Brasil swimming trunks in honor of the World Cup and kept himself busy in the revolving turnstile while Tillie fretted over her flip-flops (I hate flip-flops!) and Scout kicked around her water bottle. Any ideas on what we should do tomorrow? It's "Mom's Choice."

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