sunday night notes

The dorky mom inside of me loves picnics and classical music and fields where children can run around freely; thus, summer Sunday nights in front of the Long Center is where I want to be when the Austin Symphony presents its Hartman Foundation Concerts in the Park. Unfortunately, most summer Sunday nights (at least the ones when we're in town) I'm alone with the kids, and having a picnic with children running freely is about the last thing on my list of inspiring things to do. Fortunately, through a last-minute scheduling snafu, Alex ended up sticking around Austin this weekend, so we were finally able to live my dream last night. We packed up three tired children, including two girls who did not nap, a fruit and cheese tray, a french baguette and a bottle of Rose and made our way to the Long Center just before sundown. There were kids and cowboy hats and picnickers with spreads way more serious than ours (see photo below). To my great astonishment, our clan managed to hold it together--despite a couple shots below that may suggest otherwise--until the end when I insisted on a group photo. Everyone had their own ideas on posing for that one.

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