mom camp: pros and cons

Today we celebrated the end of Mom Camp. These are not the faces of three children sorry to see Mom Camp come to a close; these are the faces of three exhausted children halfway into Mom Camp on Wednesday evening. It turns out that Mom Camp wasn't all splash pads and fancy lunches. There were a few tears and more than one breakdown by more than one child (and often more than one child at one time). Last night while Tillie was screaming herself to sleep I thought that perhaps I had taken on too much with this whole Mom Camp idea. My suspicions were further confirmed this morning when both Catcher and Scout were crying as we left the YMCA. Yet I powered through and insisted on one last explosion of fun this afternoon. These are the faces of three children ready (or not) for their last adventure:

Only one child left the splash pad in tears, but I think I learned a few things from my overly ambitious attempt at hosting my own summer camp for a week (even if only three children were enrolled). The pros and cons:

Pro: Spending time with your children.
Con: Spending time with your children.

Pro: Wearing out your children.
Con: Wearing out your self.

Pro: New Austin adventures.
Con: Seeking out new Austin adventures that will perfectly satisfy ages 5, 3, and 2.

Pro: Breezing through the first week of summer vacation.
Con: Eleven weeks of summer vacation to go...

Next year I'm doubling my rate.

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