20th century road trip

No screens; books, family trivia game, Mad Libs and snacks--that's how the Wheats tackle a road trip. You might call it crazy, but we call it good old-fashioned family fun. We left Austin around 2:00pm on Monday and coasted into Milwaukee 23 driving hours later. The trip should have taken about 20 hours, but unplanned potty breaks and a traffic jam outside of St. Louis--I insisted on driving that route so we could see the arch--landed us in the great state of Wisconsin around 10:30pm on Tuesday night. By midnight, after a major pooping incident courtesy of Tillie, the kids were tucked into bed fast asleep at Grandma's house while Alex and I enjoyed a well-deserved glass of wine (or perhaps two) downstairs in the quiet den.

Besides the aforementioned pooping incident, which occurred during hour 22, there were no major hiccups along the way. I know it would make for a better post if I had a great story to tell, but the kids were as well-behaved as you could expect any five, three and two year-old to be while trapped in a car from Texas to Wisconsin. This was our hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas where we spent the night on Monday. I let the kids all have cookies when we checked in at 10:30 that night because it turns out that I am slightly crazy, and cookies before bed make a good road trip memory.

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