sweet dreams

One steadfast rule of parenting is never wake a sleeping baby. This principle also applies to toddlers and preschoolers and pretty much any child under your care (until they become teenagers, I'm guessing, and then I'm pretty sure you're allowed to take extreme measures to wake them). Scout is in the "I don't want to nap but I need a nap and turn into a crazy person when I don't have a nap" phase, and she sometimes crashes just before it's time to leave the house and pick up Catcher from school. Yesterday I found her dead asleep on the sofa with her blanket covering her head. Even after I moved the blanket and gently shook her shoulders to rouse her from her slumber, not one eye would open. I felt so bad about waking a peaceful Scout that I enlisted the help of Tillie who had no problem stomping into the room shouting, "Scout, wake up!" She finally returned from the land of Nod as I was reminded how sweet they are when they're sleeping.

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