cookies and cinema

Today was another cold and rainy Friday in Austin. I'm starting to see a pattern here with the weather that does not thrill me (to say the least). The only saving grace with this weather front is that it is December and today was a Friday, so I was able to come up with an afternoon activity to satisfy all parties--Christmas cookies and a Christmas movie! 

After bundling up and retrieving Catcher this afternoon, we stopped by our favorite neighborhood bakery, Quack's, where every person was allowed to pick out exactly one Christmas-themed cookie from the display case. There was some discussion in the car about who would get the candy cane cookie that Scout had chosen at the bakery. Tillie turned it down initially in favor of a holly leaf, but decided--which means screamed--on the way home that she wanted the candy cane. Scout fought her at first and then realized that maybe a holly leaf cookie is better than no cookie (which was the threat coming from the driver if there was any fighting over cookies).

Deciding on a movie turned out to be an easier task than deciding on a cookie. Catcher said Elf. I made a feeble attempt to persuade him into watching It's A Wonderful Life, but then I realized explaining the whole black and white thing to him--because he would ask...incessantly--would take all the fun out of the whole movie watching experience. Besides, Elf is a really good movie. The girls, by the way, were so over the moon about the cookies that watching a movie wasn't even on their radar.

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