house of gingerbread

Inspired by Whoville at the Four Seasons last week, the small ones and I decided to try our hands at the crafty trade of gingerbread housing on another freezing day in Austin. Catcher and I picked up a kit at the Trader Joe's this morning, and we were ready for action.

In the past we haven't had the best luck with gingerbread houses, but this one was surprisingly easy to assemble (and was only $7.99!). The biggest obstacle of the afternoon was allowing the girls to help with the decorating while keeping them far enough away that they couldn't eat the house before we made the house. Even with Catcher's vigilance in policing the supply of candy, Scout managed to eat the dog. And Tillie definitely licked one of the candy canes...and I'm pretty sure the gummy raspberry hanging over the back door was in her mouth.

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