tunic tuesday

One thing on my summer to-do list (note: this is a list in my head because it's summer, and who has time for writing lists down?) was to take an over-spilling bag of clothes to my favorite children's consignment store, SparkleKids. Of course I never walk away with any cash in hand when we go because their stuff is way too cute, but the girls walked away with these adorable tunics. And they also walked out in a pair of Salt Water Sandals (obsessed!); there were also sparkly Tom's for Scout and a new pair of tennis shoes for Catcher (why do everyone's feet grow in the summer?). After all that shopping we were tuckered out but not too tuckered out to stay away from the library one block from the store. So we stopped in and checked out 15 books to keep us busy until school starts in two weeks (hurray!).

When we finally made it home, the girls insisted they try on their new things, and then I insisted we go outside in the 98-degree afternoon for a photo shoot because I'm like that...

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