the hottest week of the year

Happy August! Or, as I like to think of it, Happy Birthday Month to me! Here's a little trivia for you: according to my local NBC affiliate (KXAN) weather guy, the first week of August is historically the hottest week of the year in Austin. Today, however, we experienced a cold front and temperatures reached a mere 88 degrees versus the average high of 98 (who knew I was such a weather geek?). Yesterday was a different story with a high of 97 and heat index of 106, so we re-acclimatized ourselves to this Texas summer with an afternoon splash at Shipe Wading Pool. It was a win-win: I sat (fully clothed) in the shade while the littles goofed around and did kid things. I'll leave out the part where they all lost their minds on the way to the car, so I found myself driving home with three screaming children in a stifling hot car. Recounting that story would just ruin the picture of a beautiful, blessed, fun summer day that you had in your head.

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