can i have a snack?

By trade I'm neither a food photographer nor a chef, but today I pretended to be a little of both. Knowing I would have to come up with some entertaining indoor activities to sustain us this long, hot Labor Day weekend, I jotted several cooking projects down on our family calendar (we don't have a family calendar). Today we embarked on cooking project #1: Cauliflower Popcorn.

Let me begin by saying that I do not like cauliflower by any stretch of the imagination. But when I found this recipe for cauliflower popcorn on My Whole Food Life and saw the author claim she also hates cauliflower, I figured it was worth a try. Plus the ingredients/method were super-simple--my favorite way to "cook." My goblins weren't as gaga over cauliflower popcorn--Scout thought it should be crunchy, which ours wasn't--as they are over kale or zucchini chips, but it got me over my hating cauliflower hump.

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