show time

This evening Scout's class from last week's improv camp put on a show at our local comedy club, ColdTowne Theater. Hanging out in the lobby before the show began, Catcher and Tillie were more interested in the popcorn than anything, but that shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who knows our (hungry!) children. Scout's class, the Instant Drama crew, was the youngest and first up on stage. Scout cracked up the audience as "a piece of flat bread" lying in the produce section of the grocery store during their first skit. If none of this makes any sense, don't worry. I was there and none of it makes any sense. The older classes that followed Scout's were funny, in a kid-improv-camp kind of way. Catcher was in stitches the entire time; however, Tillie was rolling around on the floor screaming because she couldn't "see the monkeys." Get it?

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