the last week of summer

It's the last week of summer vacation. It's 102 degrees outside. It's my birthday week.

Although I tend to be somewhat dictatorial--okay, maybe more than somewhat--when it comes to the children and screen time, with Tillie still drained from her weekend tummy virus and no imagination left in this old noggin of mine, I gave up this afternoon and popped Frozen into the DVD player. Before melting our brains in front of the television; however, we did cash in on our summer reading program through the Austin Public Library. Everyone met their reading goals and was rewarded with a paperback book of his or her choice from the "prize cart" at our local branch. Tillie went straight for Frozen (which, incidentally, gave me the idea to watch the movie later) while Scout and Catcher debated over Lalaloopsy vs. Fancy Nancy and Ninjago vs. Transformers respectively. Life's big decisions.

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