the tillie frown

Little Miss T, we call her. There's also T-Bone, Tillie the Hun, Sweet Tillie A and The Devil, depending on her mood. She's the one with the sweetest disposition who will turn on you in a heartbeat. Before you know what you did wrong, she's kicking and screaming on the floor. Seconds later, she's running to you for a hug and making you laugh with her goofy personality. Her frown, and its many incarnations, is a part of our daily lives. There have been many times with this one that I've wondered who took my sweet child and replaced her with a demon. And then she's a sweetheart again. (Future boyfriends, watch out: she's the one who will launch at plate at your head from across the room.)

Last night Tillie, our Sweet T, was attacked by a rotten stomach bug. It started around 8:30 and there was vomiting/diarrhea every hour until around 2:30am. I'll spare you the graphic details (too late?) but I felt that the two of us really bonded over the repeated middle-of-the-night showers (or hose downs) and changing of the sheets. I felt so sad for this tiny little person with this big nasty bug. I slept downstairs on the sofa to be closer to her room so I could hear her when she woke up with another round of bodily fluid expulsion (TMI?). Early this morning she whispered, so sweetly, into my ear that she was feeling better. She asked me for some water, and when I returned from the kitchen with a glass, she sat up in bed, gently took it from my hand and then screamed at me "Get out of my room!" True story. Were you wondering why we call her The Devil?

In case you're a grandparent and worried about her (you know who you are), Tillie is feeling better today. And I know she's really an angel at heart.

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