hearts on fire

Before things went cuckoo for cocoa puffs around here yesterday afternoon, I did take advantage of our time trapped inside by insisting we work on our valentines. I detest the store bought Spiderman--no particular offense to Spiderman, just over-commercialization in general--variety of valentines, and I'm nowhere nearly as creative as those crafty crafters on Pinterest, so that left me with a recycled idea (that's a pun...continue).

Remember when I came up with that brilliant (I mean, I think so at least) idea at Christmas to use Scout's artwork for wrapping paper? Well, it turns out that recycling artwork is also great for valentines, so that's exactly what we did. Scout had already done most of the work for us, so I cut out some hearts and handed the kids colored pencils and crayons to sign their original, recycled, valentines.

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