party like a rock star

Yesterday I took on my first non-paying gig as a "professional" photographer. I don't think you can really claim to be a professional until you start getting paid--how does that happen?--but I rented some fancy lights and a shiny curtain, and people thought I was legit as the girl behind the lens in the Rock Star Photo Booth at the annual music festival for Scout's preschool. During set-up I had to coerce my "models" to stand in so I could get the framing and lighting in place, so here is a sneak peek at how it all went down. For more pictures of people you probably don't know (and who aren't my kids, for once) you can visit my (new!) web site at http://www.sarahwheat.com/. Hint: you have to click on "browse" on the homepage to find the gallery.

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