a rose by any other name

I'm not really into Valentine's Day. And I'm not saying it in an "I'm-not-into-Valentine's-Day-but-I-secretly-want-a-dozen-roses-and-a-heart-locket" kind of way. I'm really not into it. I'm not a romantic, and my husband knows that. He happens to be in Russia this Valentine's day, but he texted me this picture of a rose saying "Happy Hallmark Day. From Russia with Rose." That's my kind of romance.

In other Valentine's Day news, Tillie was my lunch date this afternoon. We figured if Catcher and Scout were both having parties at their schools, then we should treat ourselves to frozen yogurt (for lunch...who needs nutrition on this saccharine holiday?). It also happened to be 75 degrees--Austin is back!--and sunny, so it was a perfect date on a perfect day.

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