pitch a tent

When you're on your third snow* day in as many weeks and your arsenal has run dry, you can always go back to one of your all-time crowd-pleasing hits: the teepee. First the teepee was a romper room with the three little ones wrestling inside. Then it was a napping nook for Scout (until Catcher peeked in and disturbed the peace). At least it kept us busy while we stared at the dry streets outside and wondered why we weren't in school.

*What is the definition of a snow day? I know we live in Texas and Texans are afraid of cold weather mixed with precipitation. I get it. However, the public schools should wait until there is actual precipitation on the ground (or in the air for that matter) before canceling school for the day. I'm not a meteorologist, but I am a human who has experienced some cold weather in her lifetime, and while 31 degrees may be on the uncomfortable side of chilly, I certainly wouldn't characterize it as "extreme cold," which is the reason I was given for Scout's preschool being cancelled yesterday. #justsayin

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